CROSSFIT- class is designed for beginners to learn the basic movements, lifts and exercises which builds the foundation for CrossFit. The cost is only $120 (Includes 2 week of Element classes and 1 month of regular CrossFit classes). The Element classes are Mon, Wed and Friday at 6:30 pm.
Please give us a call so we can add you to our list. 707-359-4692

We also offer TRX classes!! Want to try it out? Click on Sign up link and choose TRX. First class is free!!

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In 2015 I joined crossfit lucky 4 and little did I know what I was in for. Before lucky 4, I always stayed with “comfortable weights” never pushed myself probably as hard as I could. I have learned to step out of my comfort zone. Lucky 4 has taught me that consistency = results. Lucky 4 has made that easier for me because my passion for crossfit has grown. Working a full-time job on top of many nights of overtime made it very difficult to get into the gym and can be a real set back sometimes. I’ve learned the hard way that if I slack on eating clean and skipping more than 1 day a week of the gym really puts me in a slump and affects me more than just physically, but mentally. Seeing results more these last couple months only keeps me motivated and “hungry” for that next goal I set for myself. Emily Bidou


I switched gyms and started going to CrossFit t Lucky4 back in March of this year. I had always wanted to try CrossFit, but I was really switching over because my friends at my old gym wanted to try something new and I wanted to stick with them. The first two weeks were not as I expected as we completed the elements class to work on our form and we all complained that we “wanted to sweat.” I was extremely tempted to go back to my old gym because I was comfortable there and knew what to expect every day. Little did I know the work outs I would be doing at Lucky 4 would be the most challenging workouts both mentally and physically that I would ever do and there has not been a single day since the newbie class that I didn’t break a sweat. Every day is different, but nothing compares to the feeling of hitting a PR or doing great at a WOD. I started at Lucky 4 with two friends but now I have a whole family that supports and encourages me to do better every day. With the help of coach Brian and the rest of the coaches I know I’ll accomplish all my goals and hit new records in the upcoming year! Janelle Azevedo


Back in March of 2017 is when I joined the family I know today as CrossFit Lucky 4. I had been attending other gyms before taking my leap of faith, because let’s face it, CrossFit was intimidating – to me anyway  but I always felt like something was missing, those other gyms weren’t challenging me anymore. Thanks to some people at work telling me about the Elements class, I figured it was the perfect time to give CrossFit a shot and was able to convince my girls Sam and Janelle from my previous gym to try it out. I’m not going to lie and say the first 2 weeks were exciting, while being shown proper form and movements, we watched as the rest of the class were throwing around barbells, grunting and sweating like crazy- that’s what WE wanted to do! But after completing the Elements class, I realized that ensuring proper form and safety was Lucky 4s top priority for their members, which I can and do appreciate. Going to the gym has had its ups and downs, highs and lows but never have I feel as accomplished as I do after completing an ass kicking of a WOD. Brian and the other coaches really do go above and beyond to make sure no one is left out and everyone is pushing themselves to be the best they can be. I am so grateful to have found the perfect gym for me. I may complain from time to time (which is technically breaking rule # 1) BUT the comradery and continuous challenges is what makes me keep coming back for more. Thank you CrossFit Lucky4! Jessica Velez

Welcome to CrossFit Lucky4, please call us (707) 359-4692 with any questions!